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Startups, Meet Investors – Startup Funding with Capital Pilot

Capital Pilot: Startup funding made easier

We are Capital Pilot and our mission is simple: helping startups get investment ready so they can scale up their business. The startup funding landscape in the UK is opaque and tech entrepreneurs aren’t always equipped to raise equity. And nor should we expect them to be.

To borrow from Mitch Hedberg:

It’s as though if I was a cook, and I worked my ass off to become a really good cook, and they said ‘alright you’re a cook… can you farm?’

Why should technologists and innovators also know everything there is to know about startup funding? They have better things to do like find the right team, sign up new customers and innovate new products and services. There is a better way!

How we work

Capital Pilot makes fundraising easier with a straightforward online process:

  1. Submit your pitch and get actionable feedback: We look at a lot of business plans and talk to a lot of investors. You get tailored feedback to improve the chance of success when your proposition is put in front of angel investors or VCs.
  2. Get a list of potential investors: Not every investor is a good match. Often they look at specific sectors or growth stages. They may need to diversify their portfolio so your company is no longer a good fit. We closely track the early stage funding market and leverage data to narrow down the right investors for a particular business at a particular point in time. This means entrepreneurs spend less time chasing up false leads on investors who aren’t going to invest.
  3. Receive a warm intro: Investors see a lot of business plans and hear a lot of pitches. It is easy to get lost in the crowd without a warm introduction. Our network of investors know we only work with innovative, investment ready companies. Don’t be another deck at the bottom of a pile on a junior analyst’s desk.

Our business model is as supportive to early stage businesses as possible. We don’t take up front fees, and only get paid when you successfully raise capital. Capital Pilot is a purpose driven company. Our aim being to help make the UK a more dynamic economy where startups can scale up.

We hope you will join us. Get started today or get in touch below to learn how you can support our efforts.

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