Services for Institutional Investors

Deal Validation and Diligence

Objective third party assessment on the strength of startup propositions. All we need to get started is a pitch deck and a financial model. Startups are scored on 36 data points, across seven key areas such as market, team, traction and scalability.


Our Autopilot Smart VC product is a highly diversified, low cost vehicle. It allows you to make monthly investments in the best startups Capital Pilot has to offer. Invest monthly, or in one lump sum and build your portfolio efficiently and with the validation of our Assessment Engine and the top VCs and angel networks we invest alongside.

Deal Flow

Get a consistent flow of validated startups that fit your criteria and objectives. Sign up to get regular newsletters on top that are raising, along with our Assessment Engine report. You can also share your criteria so you are among the first to be notified when a new deal goes live.