Deal Validation and Diligence

Objective third party assessment on the strength of startup propositions using Capital Pilot's Assessment Engine. All we need to get started is a pitch deck and a financial model. Startups are scored on 36 data points, across seven key areas such as market, team, traction and scalability. The scoring is broken into 6 parts:

  • Overall score
  • Market Fit
  • Innovation
  • Opportunity
  • Presentation

See a live version of the Assessment report

Use Cases

  • Startups: Get analysis and feedback on your startup to help ensure your investor proposition is in good shape and ready to be shared with investors
  • Investors: Get analysis on startup decks that are clogging up in your inbox so you know which to prioritise
  • Accelerators: Stop making startups fill out free text forms and use Capital Pilot to do your initial screen before your staff needs to get involved, or use to benchmark progress made during your programme

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