Startup Funding Resources

Fundraising for your startup and not sure how to begin? We’ve assembled some of the best resources around (and created some ourselves) to set you on your way!

Is a Business Plan Necessary?

Is a business plan necessary?

Is a Business Plan Necessary for Raising Seed Investment? To answer the question right off the bat.. No, we don’t…

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Investor Pitch Deck: What You Need To Know

Presenting Your Pitch Deck to Investors

Why A Pitch Deck? Your pitch deck is probably the most important document you will put together when fundraising for…

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Startup Valuation: A Brief Introduction

Startup Valuation

The Art of Startup Valuation Startup valuation is an art, not a science. It is impossible to accurately calculate the value…

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Guide to SEIS and EIS

Get EIS tax relief when investing in startups

What is SEIS and EIS and Why Should I Bother? Right, brew yourself a pot of coffee because this isn’t…

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10 Common Mistakes Startups Make in their Investor Pitch

Investor Pitch

At Capital Pilot, reviewing the investor pitch is a critical part of our process… and we’ve reviewed our fair share. In the…

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Equity Financing Sources: Which is Right for You?

equity financing for startups

What is Equity Financing Scroll down if you know this bit. Equity financing is the process of raising capital for your business…

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