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Announcing Publishing and Public Sharing

The nice thing about Capital Pilot is we get to build things that solve our own problems. Like most of you, we are raising our own seed round and we are excited about some new features that we think will help us and, most importantly, help you raise easier and quicker.

Read on for more details – and also please send us your thoughts, ideas and feedback. We listen to every suggestion.

Quicker Profile Publishing (now live)

Our mission is to help as many founders raise as quickly and easily as possible. With that in mind, we are excited to announce we are updating our criteria on who can publish their profile on Launchpad’s investor showcase. We are making a big bet that there is an investor out there for everyone, and we should be the platform where they find each other.

We still review every venture before it can go live so we can ensure it fits our general criteria around stage and tech focus. This is to make sure the experience on the investor side is consistent and to make sure they keep coming back.

But when you publish you will have control over what gets shared with potential investors, including the investment committee scoring and analysis. You’ll also be able to go back and change this when needed.

Easy Profile Sharing (eta this week)

Once published, you’ll soon have the option to share your Launchpad profile publicly simply by sending someone the link. No more sending emails where you forgot to attach the latest deck, or missing some other key detail – just send potential investors your Launchpad profile link and everything they need is there in one place.

Public Assessments (eta next week)

You’ve most likely done your self-assessment (if you haven’t, what are you waiting for). Starting next week you’ll be able to share your profile with anyone and let them do an assessment as well. We think this will be helpful for your potential investors to make a decision quicker, or for you to share with advisors, team members and friends to get their objective feedback on the strength of your pitch.

Quicker Second Reviews

We are adding people to the team who conduct our expert investor reports, and are excited about the increased level of insight this gives us. We’ll begin charging startups for access to their full review report, which will allow us to pay reviewers more, and get access to sector and domain experts. We think this will increase the quality and strength of the reviews for investors, making them more likely to invest, as well as for the founders, giving you more insight into how to build the best business possible and raise money quicker. You’ll now have the option to purchase the full report for £100 (you get free access always to the summary, and there is no upfront charge). Buy it only if it’s useful – we are very confident it is!

We will also soon be removing the time limits we previously set on monthly review cycles because we know founders don’t have the time to wait around. In practice, this means a simple £50 charge for any subsequent review, and you will get the full review report to help you be the best you can be.

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