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Investor Navigator: Making Fundraising a Little Bit Easier

You are about to kick off your fundraise. You think about everything you have to do just to start reaching out to potential investors. First, you have to find them, so you’ll scrape your databases, comb LinkedIn, ask some friends. Then you’ll have to work your Google-fu, qualifying those investors, see what they’ve invested in recently, whether they invest in your sector,  your country, what stage they get involved in. Then you’ll list them in a spreadsheet and try and keep tabs on who you are talking to, what stage, what their feedback is.

Stop. Don’t do that. We have a better way.

Announcing the Investor Navigator feature, now live on Launchpad. We scan over 57,000 global VC and angel investors on Crunchbase and give you a list of your best matches, and the tools you need to connect with them.

We save you hours of searching, qualifying, and receiving ‘not a good fit’ emails, while helping you stay organised and efficient.

More info

Investor Navigator helps you solve two challenges. The first is putting together a list of target investors. Our machine learning model scans Crunchbase and identifies which investors are the best fit for you, based on your profile and what they tend to invest in. We rank them for you, and break down why we think they are a good fit.

The second is keeping organised. We’ve built a super simple dashboard that lets you keep track of who you are talking to, what stage those conversations are at, and who your main point of contact is. Over time, we will build more and more features to give you better insights and tools to help you manage your raise more efficiently.

What that means for users

We’ve reconfigured Launchpad around providing you the tools to better manage your investor outreach. If you are an existing user, we invite you to head over to Launchpad where you can view your matches and use the new dashboard tool.

If you aren’t yet registered with us – what are you waiting for? Head on over to Launchpad and sign up!

As always, we eagerly look forward to your feedback.

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