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Capital Pilot Turns 1

A little bit older, a little bit wiser

Capital Pilot has turned one, and we are incredibly grateful to our clients, team, family, investors, friends, partners, former colleagues, board, and everyone else who has helped us or put their trust in us over the past year.

In the weeks before we officially launched Capital Pilot from Richard’s kitchen last year, we weren’t sure what response we would get. We also weren’t entirely sure what it was we were actually building. Was it a side project? Would it be temporary? Could we keep the team together, given visa issues and no resources? Would anyone care?

The response from day one was incredible. It proved to us that our mission and goals were as relevant as ever. Because of that we knew we had to pursue this full time in spite of the risks and uncertainties we faced.

We are off to a good start…

One Year – By the Numbers
254 200 54 36 18
Startups registered Pitches we’€™ve helped improve Companies that got to investor ready Campaigns currently live Companies that have completed their fundraise

Our mission, as ever, is to make the marketplace for UK tech startups to function more efficiently by changing the way startups and investors connect. Currently so much time, effort and resource is wasted. Startups and investors trying to find one another and understand each other. We we can do our small part to fix this so everyone can get on with the important stuff – building, scaling, growing, pushing the UK economy forward as it enters so much uncertainty.

As with any startup, the exact proposition we needed to build to achieve that mission was and isn’t 100% clear. We made great strides over the past year in getting closer to clarity, and are very excited to give a status report and re-announce ourselves after one year.

Capital Pilot is the single marketplace for early stage tech. For startups, that means helping them prepare to meet investors, and matching them to the ones that are actually investing in businesses like theirs. For investors, that means providing tools and resources to help them manage the massive quantity of deal flow they receive, helping them make better investment decisions but also finding a home for good startups that don’t fit their investment priorities.

It’s a big mission statement, and definitely work in progress. But with a growing sense of conviction that what we are doing is right, with a seed fundraising launching soon, and a growing network of partners and affiliates across the country we are confident that we are in a good place to achieve it.

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