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Diversification in Startup Investing: The Autopilot Thesis

By Shahryar Barati | Jun 17, 2019

In the past couple of months, we have been busy structuring our co-investment fund, Autopilot. Launching a first-time fund is never an easy job. Amongst the key challenges that need to be addressed is to have a clear and differentiated investment proposition. And for us one of the main differentiators is diversification. We are building…

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Objectives and Key Results Framework: How We’ve Used It and Why You Should Too

By Richard Blakesley | Jun 10, 2019

It is easy to lose focus when working in a startup. New opportunities continually present themselves, and there is tons of opportunity in front of you. However, each new opportunity you pursue comes with a cost. While you may be working hard, and even efficiently, you might also be straying from the strategy and long…

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Your Application Form is Too Long

By Richard Blakesley | May 30, 2019

Accelerators, angel networks, startup competitions, and anyone else who needs to evaluate startups: it’s time to eliminate your unnecessarily long and annoyingly alike but slightly different registration forms. All the info you need already lives in a document that nearly every startup has – their pitch deck. There are several good reasons for this: 1.…

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Reflecting on our Product Hunt launch

By Richard Blakesley | Apr 15, 2019

Last Wednesday we launched Search, the first of our new Navigator features on Product Hunt, the leading site to launch tech products. This was a core element of one of our OKRs for the quarter (signing up 500 new users), so it was a bit nerve-wracking in the lead-up. Was it going to work? How…

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Launchpad is now Navigator

By Richard Blakesley | Apr 10, 2019

Over a year ago, we branded our fundraising tools for startups as Launchpad in order to differentiate from the other main project we were working on. Since then,  Launchpad has evolved quite a bit based on feedback from the community, market trends, and our positioning as a business to help as many founders as possible…

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Investor Navigator: Making Fundraising a Little Bit Easier

By Richard Blakesley | Feb 18, 2019

You are about to kick off your fundraise. You think about everything you have to do just to start reaching out to potential investors. First, you have to find them, so you’ll scrape your databases, comb LinkedIn, ask some friends. Then you’ll have to work your Google-fu, qualifying those investors, see what they’ve invested in…

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Announcing: The Capital Pilot Assessment Report

By Richard Blakesley | Nov 19, 2018

Startups have an uphill battle when raising. Among the many challenges is having a good sense of where you stand as a business. Are you ready to go in front of investors? Where can you improve your proposition and how you present it? In which areas do you shine, and where are there gaps? Should…

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Announcing Publishing and Public Sharing

By Richard Blakesley | Oct 9, 2018

The nice thing about Capital Pilot is we get to build things that solve our own problems. Like most of you, we are raising our own seed round and we are excited about some new features that we think will help us and, most importantly, help you raise easier and quicker. Read on for more…

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Announcing the new Launchpad Platform

By Richard Blakesley | Jul 3, 2018

The core of our mission at Capital Pilot is helping startups and investors find each other quicker and without the unnecessary stuff that generally happens in the middle. So we are excited to announce that we are making a huge step forward in that mission, starting next Monday, July 9th. That is when we launch…

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