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Multiple Searches and Displaying the Results

It’s now possible for you to update your search criteria and run multiple investor Smart Searches. We even save previous searches for you so you can always refer back. Paid plans get unlimited searches. On the free model, you can do one, but you now will get to see your top 100 matches rather than…

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Investor Navigator: Making Fundraising a Little Bit Easier

You are about to kick off your fundraise. You think about everything you have to do just to start reaching out to potential investors. First, you have to find them, so you’ll scrape your databases, comb LinkedIn, ask some friends. Then you’ll have to work your Google-fu, qualifying those investors, see what they’ve invested in…

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Announcing: The Capital Pilot Assessment Report

Startups have an uphill battle when raising. Among the many challenges is having a good sense of where you stand as a business. Are you ready to go in front of investors? Where can you improve your proposition and how you present it? In which areas do you shine, and where are there gaps? Should…

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