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What You Get

Receive an objective third party scoring and analysis on the criteria investors use to make decisions. Use it as a guide to being the best you can be, and to give investors confidence in your investability.



We score you on 36 data points, ranging from the market opportunity to the financial model. You'll get an overall score, as well as individual scores on team, innovation, product, market and presentation.



Three seasoned reviewers provide in depth analysis on your startup proposition based on your pitch and model, along with their research and their years of experience evaluating startups. They come from angel networks, VCs and top business schools.



We don't stop at the analysis. The review provides guidance on each key area for how you can get your startup proposition into the best possible shape to raise capital and succeed as a business.

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What Founders Are Saying


Registering was simple and the platform made it really easy to self-assess before we submitted. The feedback from multiple reviewers was highly specific and actionable enabling us to revise our proposition for next time.

Highly recommended.

Charlie Cowan

Co-founder - Kowalah


I’m really impressed by the level of feedback and suggestions on the platform from the reviewers. This is really valuable for us and will help create a stronger and more compelling pitch.

Mehdi Doghri

Co-founder - Save Your Wardrobe


Thanks for the feedback, it's really helpful and we are taking it on board

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Founder - Pebble

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