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Announcing the new Launchpad Platform

The core of our mission at Capital Pilot is helping startups and investors find each other quicker and without the unnecessary stuff that generally happens in the middle.

So we are excited to announce that we are making a huge step forward in that mission, starting next Monday, July 9th.

That is when we launch the new version of Launchpad – rebuilt from the ground up to be quicker, more user-friendly, and with the ability to append more functions to manage a greater chunk of the fundraise process for both startups and investors.

The initial release doesn’t have any more functionality than the current platform (in fact we’ve left out  a few things we think need a bigger overhaul). But it will be more user-friendly and easier to navigate. More importantly, it allows us to build additional features over the coming months that we think will help make fundraising easier for startups, and finding great startups easier for investors.

What This Means for You

For startups – there are a few changes now in place:

  • Investment committee reviews will provide you with an overall score, with a breakdown showing where you rank in areas like team and product/market fit. There will be analysis and suggestions on how to improve these scores that give you a step-by-step roadmap for getting where you need to be. This will be based on your overall investor proposition and not just your pitch, so it is more holistic than before.
  • You will be able to manage your profile from one single page, so no more clicking through to multiple pages to make quick updates.
  • We are doing away with the current lite/premium subscription model to a new one that we think is more straightforward and reflective of the type of support startups need. You can read more here on that, but the general idea is that if you are ready to go and don’t want access to additional features or ongoing feedback then you only need pay a success fee if you complete a fundraise through Capital Pilot. If you’d like more ongoing support, plus additional features then we are implementing a subscription model of £45 per month to access additional features.
  • If you joined us prior to the relaunch we are giving you access to this paid plan free for the first 6 months. We ask in return for as much feedback as possible on new features and functionality so we can make it the best it possibly can be. You are still subject to our success fee for funds raised directly through Launchpad.
  • Old reviews won’t be readily available on the new system, but you will still be able to access them on the old system for the foreseeable future.


For investors:

  • There will temporarily be no showcase page for discovering startups directly. We will send out regular email updates with profile information in the short term. The reason for this is we think we have a better way of making these connections, which we aim to launch very soon.
  • We will be getting in touch with everyone who hasn’t yet shared their investing criteria in order to gather that info so we can ensure we are sending you the best matches as/when they go live as new startups are approved through the investment committee process.


There are lots of new features and services coming very soon that will all be enabled by the new Launchpad.

The first, and most exciting, is Autopilot: the first RoboVC which will be launched this Autumn. Autopilot is Capital Pilot’s evergreen co-investment fund that will invest alongside the top companies that come through the Launchpad platform. It will invest up to 24.9% in the round, and is triggered when the full round is raised. It can be the first funds committed, which will make raising the rest of the round easier and quicker. Investors can pre-register for Autopilot now, getting ready to begin building their portfolio of passive startup investments across at least two investments a month giving diversification that you wouldn’t get anywhere else in market-validated startups.


There will also be some exciting new features for startups that we aim to have live later this year. They will be available to anyone who joins the upgraded pricing model, regardless of whether you have been approved by Capital Pilot, so you can prioritise your investor outreach armed with the best possible information. These features will be:

  • Up to date investor profiles on all relevant institutional investors from across the UK – including their investment criteria, prior investments, current focus, and what makes them tick. This encompasses the entire market, so even if they aren’t a registered user of Launchpad we are tracking them.
  • We will soon deploy our investor matching and fit model which will provide a match score for every investor in our database so founders can prioritise who they should be reaching out to. The model will be available for startups to use themselves.


We are also looking to build better features for investors who join and want to access top startup profiles directly via Launchpad. These include:

  • Easy profile maintenance and criteria setting so only the best and most relevant startups are sent your way
  • Better insights into the startups based on our objective analysis and investment committee review.

So… what next?

Look out for an email from us early next week with information on how to log in to your new account. You will have to set a new password, and then you’ll be good to go.

As always, we welcome and look forward to your feedback. Get in touch with us – specifically me – with any questions, comments, concerns, or anything else really – we love hearing from you.

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