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Announcing: The Capital Pilot Assessment Report

Startups have an uphill battle when raising. Among the many challenges is having a good sense of where you stand as a business. Are you ready to go in front of investors? Where can you improve your proposition and how you present it? In which areas do you shine, and where are there gaps? Should you use the new version of the deck, or is the last one better?

Well, we think we can help – which is why we are launching our stand-alone Assessment Report. Now founders can get unparalleled insight into the strengths of their business, and where there are opportunities to improve. The review is across 36 data points, completed by three seasoned reviewers from top business schools or VCs and angel groups, who score you on key areas such as team, market fit, innovation, opportunity and presentation.

Whether you need to show potential investors, your team, or your friends and family that you are on to the next big thing (and if you aren’t our action plan can help you get there), the Assessment Report is third party validation of what you are working on, coupled with friendly advice on ensuring you are at your best when you go out to fundraise.

Here is a live report in action (ours in fact)

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Assess Yourself

If you are a founder interested in accessing your Assessment Report, then getting started is quick and easy – just sign up, fill out the quick onboard questionnaire, and then within five working days you’ll have your full report. As a heads up, you’ll need to have a pitch deck and financial model to get your review completed.

If you work with lots of startups and are interested in white labelling or purchasing reviews in bulk, get in touch and we can show you how it works.

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