Capital Pilot is rolling out a network of Regional Captains covering the key areas ex-London and South East. The rationale is simple. Companies outside the South East struggle much more than those in the South East to get funding because of lack of transparency and connectivity.

Our mission at Capital Pilot is to focus on the entire UK to ensure all businesses have access to the same service. It is arguable that our services are needed less in London than anywhere else, so for maximum impact we must build our regional presence.

However, as we are at an early stage and resource constrained, this must be achieved in a lean manner at first.

We are therefore appointing Regional Captains who can build networks of startups,  investors, professional services companies, accelerators and co-working spaces and local/regional government. The initial network will consist of Regional Captains in:

The Role

Regional Captains are (very) part time. They have a passion for the start-up world, and understand the vital importance of supporting early stage technology companies for the good of the UK economy in the long term. They also have a passion for their own region, and want to ensure that companies incubated in-region are able to stay in-region and get all of the support they need to prosper without feeling the need to de-camp to London or further afield.

Regional Captains are strong networkers. They have their own relationships which can be built upon to enhance the profile of Capital Pilot. They are keen to build their networks on the back of the Capital Pilot calling card. They are energetic, enthusiastic, open-minded and inquisitive. Most importantly, they convey the Capital Pilot brand and values - openness, neutrality, supportiveness. We always do the right thing, and we do it professionally and with passion.

Regional Captains help to connect people. They draw people into our network and onto our platform. They create channels for referrals of companies and investors. They build the Capital Pilot brand and give it local flavour and relevance.

And as we now begin to distribute our platform by sector, region and special interest group they become the leaders and drivers of the regional instances of the platform, working with the core team to bring their regional expertise and knowledge base alongside our national view to bring the best of local and national to the startups and investors which are part of our community.

Apply by sending an email (with only the job title in the subject line) with a CV and why you want to work at Capital Pilot to

Key Activities

  • Acting as the regional representative for Capital Pilot - key point of contact and connector
  • Carrying the Capital Pilot business card to networking events and communicating the message
  • Referring start-ups and investors to the platform
  • Helping to build regional networks of investors
  • Scouting opportunities for collaboration with accelerators, co-working spaces and suppliers of support to start-ups, preparing the way for physical presence and full-time staffing at a later date
  • Working with professional service providers to cross-refer business opportunities
  • Identifying events or other marketing opportunities for Capital Pilot to build its presence
  • Identifying PR opportunities to build Capital Pilot’s presence in local-focused media
  • Working with the core team to create the blueprint for distributed regional instances of the Capital Pilot platform and leading the roll-out
  • Connecting with the other Regional Captains to share ideas and experiences


Within 12-24 months of appointment we would expect that Regional Captains would:

  • Build significant relationships with most key players in the regional early stage tech universe
  • Generate a consistent stream of referrals of startups to the Capital Pilot platform
  • Make meaningful inroads into the regional angel investor base,
  • Prepare the way for and launch the regional instance of the platform [this activity has been accelerated]
  • As needed, establish physical presence and full-time Capital Pilot staffing in-region
  • Become a major voice in the regional startup and investment community alongside the Capital Pilot brand

Expected Time Commitment and Compensation

Capital Pilot Regional Captains will be expected to dedicate the equivalent of approximately 2 days per month to their role, to be spent as they see fit between meetings, events, and email or phone based business generation activities.

Upon appointment Regional Captains will be granted options over 1% of the equity of Capital Pilot, vesting 50% after 12 months and 50% after 24 months.

Regional Captains will be entitled to a fee of £1,000 per month, commencing in the month following completion of Capital Pilot’s planned fundraising which is expected to close in March 2018

Regional Captains are consultants to, not employees of, Capital Pilot.

Compensation will be reviewed at least annually based upon actual time commitment and outcomes.

Regional Captains will also be entitled to referral fees in line with the Capital Pilot referral fee policy from time to time - again subject to review in the context of the move towards regional franchising of the platform