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About Us

Capital Pilot builds products to create a more efficient venture capital market. The current system is broken. Founders spend way too much time raising, distracting from the core business. Investors make decisions on limited information, and thus must rely on gut instinct and pattern matching.

Our solution is to create meaningful data, information and analysis where none exists, at scale, to move more capital to more startups more quickly. Our core feature is the Assessment Engine, allowing us to review, analyse and rate startups in a standardised and objective way, providing both sides of the market with better information, and generating significant rich data.

We deliver our service through two products. First is Launchpad, where we directly connect great startups to the right investors. The second is Autopilot, the Smart VC, which automates the VC investment process, enabling access to the early stage tech asset class for everybody from individual investors making monthly contributions to institutions requiring diversified low-cost exposure at scale.

Meet the Team

We are all passionate about startups and making the early-stage funding market work better for them.


Naomi Timperley


Honorary Industry Fellow at Salford Business School, TEDx Speaker, Dragons Den Survivor, and Co-Founder of Tech North Advocates.


Richard Blakesley


12 Start-ups with all the scars on the back to prove it. Seen all that is bad in the world of early-stage funding. Time to get it right with Capital Pilot.


Matt Johnson


Background in marketing and comms for startups. Annoyed by inefficient processes and doing things the way they've always been done.


Karen Winton

Chief Growth Officer

Ex managing partner at Nest VC, with a passion for building regional, inclusive networks of startups and investors.

Tom bw

Tomasz Krakowiak


.NET developer, range of experience including Microsoft & Bank of America, founded travel startup in native Poland.


Shahryar Barati

Business Development

Imperial College MBA candidate, experience in financial services, including active & passive investment strategies, structured funds and risk management


Viv Parry


Mentor and story teller, curious about people and life, performance management advisor.


Stuart Brown

Yorkshire/North East Captain

Helps startups, early-stage and high-growth businesses disrupt markets and become world-class.

John Wakefield

John Wakefield

South West Captain

Corporate financier with 30 years' experience of advising on capital raising and M&A for emerging companies from early stage to IPO.

Come Work With Us!

We aim to hire great people and then get out of their way

Join a growing team and help us make the early stage funding marketplace work better for everyone.

Our platform harnesses knowledge and talent, connecting the whole early-stage funding system through radical transparency to create an environment that’s positive, open-minded and works for all. Our aim is to change the way startups raise capital and grow their business.

We operate Launchpad, the all-digital fundraising accelerator that helps startups connect with investors, manage their investor outreach, understand the funding marketplace and directly connect with Launchpad angels. In addition, we whitelabel our platform for accelerators/incubators, industry groups and government-funded organisations, and we distribute our platform to regional and sector experts,  to enhance fundraising success for the startups they work with.

Our core values are openness and purpose, both with our team as well as our users.

Why Work at Capital Pilot?

Room for growth: We are a young company with big ambition. Help us build the future and create your next role.

Flexibility: We are not overly concerned with when and where you do your work (or for how long for that matter).

Holiday: Our current policy is take as much time for holiday as you need.

Culture: Help us build the company you want to work for. Your input and vision will be vital to us creating a successful company, and to our ability to recruit excellent people.

Current Opportunities

Software Developer

Full Time
Hackney, London

How We Work

We have huge ambition as a company. The only way we achieve our goals is by finding smart and dedicated people and providing them the support they need to do great things.

We take our work very seriously. We take ourselves less seriously.

As a team we strive for openness and honesty. We try new things, fail quickly, learn as much as possible, put ourselves out there, take responsibility when things go wrong and share the success when things go right.

If that hasn't got you interested, we also have a badminton set.